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Scented Bingo Daubers & Other Premier Dabbers

Scented Bingo Dabbers

We have been in the bingo industry for years and we are always looking for new games and concepts to introduce to the thousands of bingo halls around the country.  Having the mindset of finding something new, we came up with our scented bingo dauber collection.

Why play bingo in a smelly bingo hall when you can brighten up your game with our Bright Spot bingo dabbers that offer multiple scents to choose from?  Our 6 premium scents will be the talk of the bingo game as everyone enjoys a great scent.

Bingo Daubers In Inventory

One great advantage you have from buying from us is that we keep our bingo daubers in inventory and we ship right away.  Our goal is to provide you with a quality product and outstanding service so you tell your friends about us.

Our dabbers work like any other bingo dabber, but ours smell better.  Try our bingo daubers out and spread the smell.  Your friends will smile right when you show them your new dauber.